With our global future at stake, there has never been a better time to embrace the natural packaging solutions that cardboard provides.

As manufacturers of corrugated packaging, we understand the responsibility we have to reduce our impact on the environment, something which we extend to our own customer base. We engage with our customers over the importance of responsible sustainability.

All of our products are 100% recyclable and over 85% of the raw materials we use have been recycled before they reach our factories. Unlike many other corrugated suppliers we are independent of paper mills, enabling us to tread our own path of sustainability.

Our unique designs are created with the environment in mind and we are constantly modifying the methods and machinery we use to ensure our customers receive the very best in sustainable and protective packaging solutions. Our plants at Leeds, Banbury and East Kilbride all have active energy, waste and water management programmes, ensuring our ethos of providing a lighter touch on the environment is upheld.

We don't have to tell you how important it is to protect the world's forests today so that they're still around tomorrow. Encase holds FSC® or Forest Stewardship Council® certification (FSC® C116311) which means we source our paper through well-managed, FSC®- Certified forests and other controlled sources through responsible chain-of-custody. We have successfully migrated from a standard transfer system to a percentage system. All our products are FSC certified at 85% mix for Banbury and Leeds and 70% mix for East Kilbride.

More information about FSC® can be found here.


encase have supplied our business with bespoke packaging solutions since November 2008.”

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"In addition to being a great supplier of our packaging, encase have spent many years working with us to find optimal solutions to our packaging needs...."

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