Packaging reduction across the supply chain

Packaging reduction across the supply chain

Value Engineering, through a proven process of analysis and rigorous exploration, can yield valuable results, as Encase many customers have found.

Application of the Value Engineering program to a live customer situation is one of our specialities. We have a long and reputable history of VE programs which have delivered supply chain efficiencies, measurable performance improvements and valuable cost savings, often in combination.

One such recent VE program has saved nearly £90,000 worth of savings through redesign and subsequent pallet efficiency. By moving from B flute to X flute, case quantities (per pallet inbound) have increased on average up to 40%, saving a massive 1,161 pallets of inbound packaging per year. The result is the same amount of product shipped, but fewer pallet movements and less impact on the wider distribution network.

Addressing the ullage within a number of SKUs in the range, it was possible to resize 75% of the SKUs to reduce damage in transit caused by extra headroom and lateral movement. Where SKU’s could reduce to a level that would affect a change in pallet layout, total outbound pallets were reduced by 38% by getting 17% more onto outbound pallets overall. The impact of even small changes of external dimensions can exploit far reaching benefits of pallet utilisation, especially overall pallet height, delivering huge savings in the overall application.

This comprehensive Value Engineering exercise has been quickly and effortlessly implemented and is delivering real results to our customer. If you think there is a gap in your supply chain activity or your delivery platform is in need of a review, why not talk to us about a Value Engineering program which we can run for you? You’ll be surprised at what we might find!

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