"It's Only a Box": The Story Behind Corrugated Cardboard

"It's Only a Box": The Story Behind Corrugated Cardboard

You order a parcel; it turns up in a box. You order groceries online; they turn up in a box. You go to the supermarket; boxes are being stacked onto shelves. Corrugated cardboard is all around us, but how much do you really know about it?  How complex is it?

At Encase, we understand the true value of cardboard packaging and we’re working to share our knowledge to those we work with, from employees to customers.

Whether someone is working on the corrugator or taking customer service calls in the office, we want everyone at Encase to understand the box building process. It’s difficult to sell something you don’t understand – so we’re changing that and ensuring our people are trained to be “trusted advisors”.

Additionally, we want our customers to appreciate how their product works, understand more about the corrugated industry and it’s processes, learn the benefits of different design features and realise the importance of testing. We’re here to help our customers succeed and if their packaging can do that then we’re all for it!

From different flute sizes, choice of paper types and grammages, to a range of print possibilities, there’s a lot that goes into the planning of a new box design and it’s essential we all know the basics. What colours work best, do you need inserts for added stability and how much ullage should be accounted for are all questions we face on a daily basis and are covered in our “It’s Only a Box” 2-day training workshops.

Nick Montgomery, Key Account Manager at Encase explains; “When I first started in the packaging industry, 32 years ago, I worked for 7 years on the factory floor, getting to understand the process from start to end. My initial role was on the die-cutter where I worked my way up to machine operator. The experience has been invaluable. I truly believe that anyone working in the cardboard packaging market should have a background in the industry, and if that’s not possible then I highly recommend our “It’s Only a Box” workshop.”

By understanding the basics of the box, and what’s really important, everyone at Encase, our partners and customers can start to bring together ideas that will deliver better solutions.

Although currently on hold due to the current global pandemic, we’re excited to see what 2021 brings, with the hope we can ramp up our courses and begin sharing our knowledge of corrugated manufacturing again soon. The industry is constantly evolving and to stay on top, we must remain open to innovation, change, and the challenge of preparing for unexpected possibilities. We’re passionate about cardboard and look forward to welcoming you onto one of our IOAB courses soon!

encase have supplied our business with bespoke packaging solutions since November 2008.”

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