Consumer Packaging

Consumer Packaging

As a diverse industry, now more than ever, creative and innovative solutions are required.

Your on-shelf presence is crucial to driving sales. To be seen is to be bought! Contours and structure, to protect and present, and colour to draw the eye and create positive disruption are the key elements in development of consumer packaging. At encase, we specialise in on-shelf promotion, placement and customer engagement.

In today’s fast-paced consumer environment, it has never been more important to provide a good standard of customer engagement. Consumers demand more from every part of the shopping experience, be it in the supermarket or online. Your packaging is fundamental to that experience.

Understanding this connection allows us to design and develop packaging which is firmly in line with the expectations of our customers.

encase have supplied our business with bespoke packaging solutions since November 2008.”

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Different industries pose different challenges, and no challenge is too great. We create, develop and produce tailored packaging solutions for today’s continually evolving markets.

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Is at the heart of what we do. It fuels our desire to provide uniquely designed and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions.


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"During the last 10 years encase have been, and continue to be, a very valued partner for our business."

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