Die-cut Packaging

Die-cut Packaging

For packaging puzzles that a standard box can’t solve, die-cut boxes are the solution. Our Test Drive Centres are the perfect place to explore the fascinating capabilities of a die-cut packaging solution.

Our team of experienced designers create tailor-made packaging enclosures and fittings, which protect your products, whilst engaging with your requirements at every step of the process.

From simple tear out sections of a regular slotted case, the basis of a retail ready pack, to fully die-cut shelf ready packs, the flexibility of die-cutting allows any format of rip and tear access or tamper evident closure. Complex or simple, the die-cut is a perfect way to develop creative and functional packaging solutions, which can be optimised across the entire supply chain, ready to go to work in the retail environment.

encase have supplied our business with bespoke packaging solutions since November 2008.”

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Different industries pose different challenges, and no challenge is too great. We create, develop and produce tailored packaging solutions for today’s continually evolving markets.

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Is at the heart of what we do. It fuels our desire to provide uniquely designed and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions.


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"In addition to being a great supplier of our packaging, encase have spent many years working with us to find optimal solutions to our packaging needs...."

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